About the District

Cascade Metropolitan District No. 1 has no existing mill levy set and at this time, there is no discussion on issuing any future mill levies. There are currently no anticipated increases or decreases for any established mill levy.

Please review the FAQ page for detailed information about the debt.

The Series 2015A and B Bonds were refinanced in 2023 to be the Series 2023 Water Revenue Refunding Bond in the amount of $4,480,000. The Interest rate on the bonds is 5.0% annually. Here is a summary of the District’s current outstanding Long Term Financial Obligations:


Name of Debt

Initial Debt Issuance Amount

Maturity Date

Interest Rate

Series 2023 Bonds


Dec. 1, 2036



The main function of the Cascade Metropolitan District No. 1 currently is to collect revenue from property owners to be applied towards the long-term debt, that funded the water pipeline upgrade. At this time, the District is not anticipating providing any other primary functions.

The District currently is turning over all land and assets to the County to own and maintain, as the District plans to eventually dissolve.

If you have any questions, please contact our District Manager, WSDM - District Managers at (719) 447-1777.

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