Important District Documents

Please find important district documents and information below. If you have any questions or need assistance locating a document, please contact Walker Schooler District Managers at (719) 447-1777.

The Board of Directors has approved a resolution reaffirming the designation of the official Custodian of Records and adopting a policy of responding to open records requests.  To view the resolution, please click on this document:

Resolution for CORA Policy

If you would like to obtain copies of District records, please complete and submit the attached form "Request for Inspection/Copy of Public Records."  To access this form please click on the document below:

Form-Request for Public Records.pdf

The following Resolutions have been adopted by the Board of Directors of the Cascade Metropolitan District No. 1. 


CMD1 2021-02-01 Resolution Concerning the Imposition of Various Fees, Rates, Penalties, and Charges


CMD1 2020 Annual Administrative Resolution

CMD1 2020 Resolution Establishing Guidelines for Collection of Delinquent Fees and Charges

CMD1 Resolution to Amend 2019 Budget

CMD1 2020 Resolution Adopting Budget, Imposing Mill Levy and Appropriating Funds

CMD1 2020 Resolution Calling Election


CMD 2019 Online Notice for Regular and Special Meetings - Resolution

CMD 2019 24 Hour Designated Posting Locations - Resolution

CMD 2019 Budget Resolution

CMD 2019 Annual Administrative Resolution

CMD Adopting Personal Data Privacy Policy Resolution


CMD 2018 Budget Resolution


CMD 2017 Designated 24 hour Posting Location

CMD 2017 Annual Administrative Resolution

CMD 2017 Rejecting All Bids Received for Water Improvements System

Records Request Policy


CMD 2016 Resolution Cancellation of Election.pdf

CMD 2016 Resolution Regarding Election.pdf

CMD 2016 Resolution Imposing Fees and Charges for Water.pdf

CMD 2016 Resolution-Annual Administrative Actions.PDF

CMD 2016 Resolution-Budget.pdf


Resolution 2015-03-24

Annual Administrative Resolution

Resolution Authorizing Issuance of Credit Cards to Certain Employees

Resolution Ratifying Prior Actions of the Board of Directors

Resolution Adopting the City of  Colorado Springs, Colorado Water Shortage Ordinance

Collections Resolution

Resolution Adopting the Colorado Springs Utilities Water Line Extension & Service Standards (Water Less) - 2014 and Adopting Other District Rules and Regulations

Resolution Designating the District's 24-Hour Posting Location

Resolution Adopting an Identity Theft Prevention Program

Resolution Adopting the Colorado Special District Records Retention Schedule

Resolution Proposing Inclusion of Property 2015-02-01

Resolution Proposing Inclusion of Property 2015-01-02

The Original Service Plan, adopted September 2, 2004, describes the establishment of two metropolitan districts to serve the water needs of the existing and future customers of the Cascade area as a better alternative for the long-term ownership and operation of the Cascade water system.  The First Amendment to the Original Service Plan, dated January 15, 2015, modifies the Original Service Plan to increase the maximum authorized indebtedness of District No. 1.

Special District Public Disclosure - Service Plan Area

System Inventory and Assessment Study for CSU Water System Conversion

System Inventory and Assessment Study for CSU-Addendum 3-2016